Make your life easier and setup aliases for your most common command line commands.

In your ~/.zshrc or ~/.bash_profile add:

# Aliases can be found in the ~/.aliases file
source $HOME/.aliases

Then create ~/.aliases and create some shortcuts. Here is what my ~/.aliases looks like:

alias ea='code ~/.aliases'   # for quickly making edits
alias sa='source ~/.aliases' # for quickly applying those edits

# Git
alias g='git status .'                   # ⭐️
alias gs='git status .'
alias gst='git stash'
alias gstp='git stash pop'
alias gm='git checkout main'             # ⭐️
alias gco='git checkout'
alias gcob='git checkout -b'
alias gco-='git checkout -'              # Checks out the last branch
alias ga='git add .'                     # ⭐️
alias gam='git add . && git amend'
alias gc='git commit -am'
alias gcnt='git rebase --continue'
alias gab='git rebase --abort'
alias gl='git log'                       # ⭐️
alias glol='git lol'
alias gsh='git show'
alias gf='git fetch -p'                  # ⭐️
alias gr='git pull --rebase origin master'
alias gp='git pull'
alias gpu='git push'
alias grn='git branch -m'                # Rename current branch
alias garchive='git tag archive/$(git branch-name) $(git branch-name)'
alias gonto='git rebase --onto'          # git rebase --onto <branch i want changes from> <current branch> This places current branches changes on top of the other branch changes

Don't forget to run source ~/.aliases after you've created the file to apply the changes!